Former Intern Now Full-Time Manufacturing Engineer

Trevor Volz began his career with Percival in March of 2016 as an intern from Iowa State University. After graduating with

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Climate Change Project Wins Video Award

Percival Scientific, in partnership with Lori Drafahl of Drafahl Design Company, received an Award of Distinction from the Videographer Awards

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Percival Scientific Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Percival Scientific, a global leader in helping research professionals around the world create better science with the design and manufacturing

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New Percival Project Manager Coordinates Successful Chamber Installations

Steve Gould joined Percival in March 2019 as a project manager. He coordinates both internal and external resources to provide

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Percival Chambers and Bombus Impatiens Research

One size does not fit all: Caste and sex differences in the response of bumblebees (Bombus impatiens) to chronic oral

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Prep Your Lab for a Walk-In Research Chamber Install

The walk-in research chamber for today’s research facilities are highly complex and their installation requires clear communication among your research

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5 Steps to Specify the Best Walk-In Chamber

As an expert in your field you know what research you need to do and how you need to do it.

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LED Lighting – Take Our Survey

Did you know that in 1962 General Electric employee Nick Holonyak Jr. developed the first light emitting diode (LED) that

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Percival Scientific, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of environmental growth chambers, is headquartered in Perry, Iowa.

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