Our fluorescent lighting solutions are most suitable for plants that require low to medium light intensity and do not require much incandescence. We offer a wide range of customized fixtures with fluorescent bulbs for different kinds of applications.


  • Fluorescent lighting is relatively low cost
  • Most fluorescent lamps and frames are readily available
  • The scientific applications of fluorescent lighting have been well studied for over 50 years
  • They produce white light in various color ranges
  • Fluorescent lights use much less energy than incandescent lighting
  • They have a wide adjustment range and can be dimmed or brightened as needed
  • Color-specific peaks can be obtained with special gas mixtures


  • Performance uniformity typically degrades after about 1,000 hours of usage, which may cause disruption in research results
  • Fluorescent lamps must be recycled or disposed of properly and with special care
  • Performance degrades at both the lower and higher operating temperatures