The Best LED Lighting Solution for Scientific Requirements

SciBriteTM LED lighting, one of Percival Scientific’s latest innovations, gives you significantly more features and benefits for your research. Our proprietary LED system provides more flexibility than lighting systems offered by other growth chamber manufacturers. Using our IntellusUltra Controller, you can control the intensities for each color to produce specific light wavelength ratios for your experiments.

SciBrite is Percival’s highest performing LED platform to date. This dimmable lighting system consumes less energy and provides more uniform light distribution throughout the chamber. And the addition of Percival’s new built-in touchscreen interface makes programming the SciBrite LED system quick and easy.

Available in four-color and seven-color configurations, our groundbreaking LED lighting gives you more control over your research than ever before. Take your research to the next level with SciBrite LEDs!

Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

Percival Scientific’s proprietary SciBrite LED lighting system is backed by years of research and development. These high-intensity LED lights are more energy-efficient than previous Percival LED lighting technology and are long-lasting and cost-effective.

SciBrite LEDs are an ideal light source for controlled environments because they introduce considerably less heat into the experiment space than alternative lighting systems.

  • Less demand on the temperature control system
  • Improved humidity control
  • Improved temperature uniformity
  • Smaller day/night calibration offsets
  • Reduced energy
  • Lower heat rejection to ambient
  • Improved system responsiveness
  • Increased lifespan of vital chamber components

Innovative Lighting Control

Percival’s SciBrite LED lighting system offers a wide variety of color combinations. Choose from a standard four- or seven-color configuration, or create your own custom color mix by consulting with our knowledgeable staff. Each color is independently dimmable in one-percent increments.

The SciBrite LED system helps you create better science by giving you more control over the composition and intensity of each color, according to the specific requirements of your research. SciBrite LEDs give you the ability to select and control specific light wavelengths, making them ideal for a wide range of scientific applications.

Advanced IntellusUltra Control System

Unlock the full potential of your SciBrite LED system with a wide range of control system upgrades, including:

  • IntellusUltra Connect for web-based remote user interface and data acquisition
  • C9T touchscreen user interface for intuitive control and programming screens; graphical performance data; and colorful, visual notifications
  • WeatherEze for global weather simulation, including precise qualitative and quantitative replication for sunlight conditions throughout the SciBrite lighting system

SciBrite LEDs

You can choose a standard four-color or seven-color lighting system configured with any combination of our available colors.

Standard Four-Color Configuration
(Cool White, Red, Blue, Far-Red)
Seven-Color Configuration
(Cool White, Blue, Green, Red, Deep Red, Far-Red, Warm White)
Units Specifications
Voltage (V) 48.2
Amperage (A) 1.25
Wattage (W) 60.25
PAR Efficacy (µmol/J) 1.69
PFD (380-780 nm) 121.2
PPFD (400-700 nm) 102
PFD-UV (380-400 nm) 0.3084
PPFD-B (400-500 nm) 49.5
PPFD-G (500-600 nm) 11.55
PPFD-R (600-700 nm) 41.1
PFD-FR (700-780 nm) 19.11
CIE1931-x (all in µmol/m^2/s) 0.2321
CIE1931-y (all in µmol/m^2/s) 0.1121
Units Specifications
Voltage (V) 48.2
Amperage (A) 1.8
Wattage (W) 86.76
PAR Efficacy (µmol/J) 2.28
PFD (380-780 nm) 223.2
PPFD (400-700 nm) 197.6
PFD-UV (380-400 nm) 0.301
PPFD-B (400-500 nm) 57.08
PPFD-G (500-600 nm) 49.95
PPFD-R (600-700 nm) 91.37
PFD-FR (700-780 nm) 25.54
CIE1931-x (all in µmol/m^2/s) 0.3137
CIE1931-y (all in µmol/m^2/s) 0.2416

Available Colors

Select a color below to view its spectral graph.


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