I am in need of service, and would like one of your
technicians to contact me:

Please describe what chamber you have by listing the model and serial numbers
and the problem you are having.

I am in need of parts:

Please give us the part number(s) you need, or a description of the part(s) you need,
and we'll contact you about the price for each part.

I am in need of a manual:

Please provide the model number and serial number of the chamber(s) you need
manuals for. The serial number can be found on the serial plate, located next to the door,
inside the unit. Manuals are $25.00 USD each.

percival - Prefooter


Percival Scientific, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of environmental growth chambers, is proud to call Perry, Iowa our home.

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505 Research Dr, Perry,
IA 50220
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