White and Spectrum-Specific LED Lighting

Percival Scientific is a leader in manufacturing white and spectrum-specific LED lighting applications for research chambers and other scientific purposes. We offer a range of high-quality LED configurations. Choose from our various white and SciBrite LED lighting configurations for consistent and reliable performance.

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SciBrite LEDs

SciBrite LEDs


LEDs are an excellent replacement for a broad range of scientific applications that have traditionally used fluorescent lighting. White and spectrum-specific LED lighting is used where medium-intensity, low-heat lighting is required, including applications in laboratories studying plant and insect growth.


  • Minimal spectral degradation occurs as lamps age, making LEDs more reliable and uniform than fluorescent lamps
  • White and spectrum-specific LED lighting have excellent performance at low operating temperatures
  • Spectrum-specific LED lights can be used to control the impact of light quality and wavelength on plants
  • LEDs can easily be dimmed or brightened as required without losing performance
  • Can be designed with a close-knit bulb configuration for better light uniformity
  • White and spectrum-specific LED lamps use up to 47% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Typically deploys a heat-sinking method that draws waste heat away from the LED chips, allowing closer placement of plants
  • Less heat is rejected into the controlled environment, improving volumetric temperature uniformity


  • White and spectrum-specific LED lighting require careful selection to achieve the desired results
  • LED lamps and fixtures can have a slightly higher initial cost than fluorescent or HID lamps