IntellusUltra Controller

More choices.  More control. More data.  All available in the power of your hand!


Percival Scientific has built a legacy of providing the life science market with the industry’s best control system.  We’ve taken that technology to the next level with our improved IntellusUltra Controller

Percival Scientific offers four levels of chamber control, each one with increasing options and functionality based on research and data needs.

  • IntellusUltra C8 (standard and retrofit)
  • IntellusUltraConnect C9  (remote connectivity)
  • IntellusUltra C8T  (Android-based technology)
  • IntellusUltraConnect C9T  (Android-based technology)

Download IntellusUltra Firmware Updates Here.  (For firmware revisions 18.00 and higher.)

IntellusUltra C8

IntellusUltra C8

The C8 IntellusUltra is standard on all Percival Scientific chambers and can be retrofitted to Percival Scientific chambers using the existing Intellus System.

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IntellusUltraConnect C9

IntellusUltraConnect C9

The C9 includes all of the features from the standard IntellusUltra C8, plus onboard data logging and the ability to connect to the controller in a variety of ways.

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IntellusUltra C8T and IntellusUltraConnect C9T

IntellusUltra C8T and IntellusUltraConnect C9T

The C8T and C9T combine the features found in the C9 with Android-based technology. Data graphing and table view are available on this model.

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