Six Steps for Safe Shipping of Your Research Chamber

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Percival Scientific devotes the same level of care in research chamber shipping and research incubator as we do in in the design and manufacture of each. We follow these six important steps whenever product leaves our manufacturing facility.

1) Percival contacts the contracted carrier with shipping information. Delivery address, contact name and phone number and the details of what is shipping (dimensions, weight and serial number) is electronically transmitted to the carrier from information stated on the purchase order.

2) Carrier calls the end user (this is referred to as a “pre-call”**) asking a series of questions to determine the delivery locations accessibility such as:

A.Is your location tractor-trailer accessible?  (trucks up to 70′ in overall length)
B. Do you have a loading dock?
C. Will delivery require use of stairs or elevator?
D. Did you want the driver to unpack & removing the shipping debris?
E. Do you have a forklift? (In those cases where it might be necessary)
F. What hours do you accept deliveries?
G .Other than yourself, is there someone I should list as an alternate contact? (including phone number, etc.)
H. Do you have an email address that we can use to send a confirmation?
**During this call the customer will be given a week’s window of when they may expect delivery.

3) Carrier picks up the completed orders from Percival Scientific, Inc. facility and takes to their local agent in Des Moines

4) Products are picked up from the local agent by a tractor/trailer where they will begin their journey to the end user.
a. This may require them to make various stops/drops along the way

5) Products are dropped off at the nearest delivery agent who will then make the final delivery to the customer either via tractor/trailer or small auxiliary truck (if delivery location is not tractor/trailer accessible)
a. At this time the customer will receive a second call from the shipper (either dispatch or the   driver themselves) to give a more accurate date and a two hour window of which they will be there to deliver.

6) On the designated day the unit is delivered by assigned carrier by two persons which have a 30 minute window to make the inside delivery (take to final location within the facility), unwrap the unit, remove the pallet and set it “in place” where it will then be the customer’s responsibility to place the lights and shelves in desired or designated places, plug into electrical supply (and any other services that may be required for operation (water, CO2, etc.).