"The next generation of chamber control software."

Where do you want to be today? South America? Africa? Norway? No one else gives you such an advanced level of power for precision chamber control.


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WeatherEze allows your chamber to have real-time duplication of the temperature, relative humidity, and solar lighting for any global location. Two powerful options are available.

The Simulated Environment

This option allows you to select any location on the globe. This program will simulate the average weather and incident radiation conditions at the site with a user-selected starting date and time.

The Real-Time Control

Program the exact real-time weather conditions for any location across the globe. Some limitations may exist due to the availability of real-time weather data in some areas.

Additional cutting-edge features of WeatherEze include:

  • Easy data entry based on latitude and longitude or by simply clicking on a map.
  • METAR Data link allows for constant updating of actual weather conditions.
  • 30-year average climate conditions are also available if real-time conditions are not desired.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it settings let the chamber run itself without further intervention.
  • Complete data collection of set points, current conditions and METAR data are downloaded into CSV files for processing and documentation.
  • Real-time daily graphs of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 let you see at a glance the actual set points and values as well as what they will be for the day.

Chamber requires the current Intellus Ultra, Intellus Web Server, and specific options for proper functionality. Please contact factory for details.

WeatherEze is the result of a cooperative research and development agreement (CRDA) with the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service to incorporate their environmental simulation models into this revolutionary chamber control software.

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