Prep Your Lab for a Walk-In Research Chamber Install

The walk-in research chamber for today’s research facilities are highly complex and their installation requires clear communication among your research

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Care and Cleaning of Percival Chambers

  Initial inspection should be performed 3 months after your research chamber is put into production. After that, perform preventive

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Maintaining Light Lamps for Optimal Performance

And How to Adjust the Lifetime Alarm Setting Once a bulb in a research chamber or incubator reaches 50% of its

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Six Steps for Safe Shipping of Your Research Chamber

Percival Scientific devotes the same level of care in research chamber shipping and research incubator as we do in in

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Troubleshooting Research Chamber Humidity Sensors

As a follow-up to our post on Controlling Humidity in Growth Chambers,  we’ve developed this handy infographic to help current

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