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Incubators With Reliable, Long-Lasting Performance

“Percival incubators offer stupendous reliability, customization and longevity.”

Jon Robeson, Corteva Agriscience

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

Percival incubators come in various sizes with customizable options
and are ideal for many applications, including:

• Low-Cost Germination
• Plant Seedling Growth
• Bacterial Culturing
• Low-Light Photosynthesis
• Insect and Amphibian Studies
• BOD Determination
• Algae Acclimation


Specialized Incubators for Drosophila

Our Drosophila chambers are designed with a special phenolic coating to protect chamber components from the acidic environment of rearing fruit flies. Additionally, the additive humidity feature maintains the perfect level of moisture for fruit flies to thrive.

“The near-perfect temperature, humidity and light cycles offered by Percival incubators have been essential for [studying Drosophila as a model system for understanding the impact of toxic heavy metal exposure on human health], particularly for difficult-to-measure behavioral traits. We have now conducted screens for dozens of traits in our Percival incubators.”

Stuart Macdonald, Ph.D. Professor and associate chair of the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas

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AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB

New IncuWhite® LED Lighting

Compared to fluorescent lighting, the benefits of IncuWhite make our best-selling, reliable incubator an even more valuable investment:

• Increased shelf space and growing height due to streamlined design
• Significantly longer light lifetime
• Higher light intensity
• More closely matches natural light
• Flicker-free and dimmable in one-percent increments
• More resistant to dust and water
• Lower energy use

Shortened Delivery Time for Our Most Popular Line of Incubators

We know you need your equipment sooner, so we’ve dedicated a portion of our workforce to significantly reducing the time it takes to produce and ship our most popular incubator models—the I-36 line, including Drosophila.*

This is simply an adjustment to our work process to speed up delivery time for high-priority products. Our use of dependable materials and components and our high standards for quality control remain the same.

* Availability will depend on the level of demand and supply constraints.

AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB
AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB

A Reputation That Speaks for Itself

Our incubators keep selling themselves. We often hear from customers who want a Percival incubator after using older models that still work as well as the first day they were plugged in. Doctoral students, impressed with the accurate, reliable performance of our incubators in their university labs, many times become customers when they start their own labs and want the most value for their investment. Known for their precise control of lighting, temperature and humidity, Percival incubators can last for decades with very little maintenance.

Learn why a Percival incubator is an excellent investment for your research.

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