Percival Scientific

Join Percival and Help Advance World-Wide Research

"We get to help our customers solve world problems like food scarcity and environmental pollution, issues that impact everyone across this planet."

Megan Lyons,  Percival Sales and Marketing Coordinator

What does Percival Scientific Do?

We design and build customizable controlled environment chambers and rooms for world-changing research. In a nutshell, we help people all over the globe create better science in areas such as:

• Food quality and production

• Improvement of the natural environment

• Human/Animal health and medicine

We’re a unique company known in the global scientific community for our extraordinary innovation. If you want a career with an international business that partners with companies, institutions,
and organizations on the cutting edge of science, Percival is the place for you!


We Offer All Kinds of Work with Opportunities for Development

We employ people in production, engineering, customer service, shipping, purchasing, marketing, and sales, to name a few areas. No matter your position, you'll have the chance to learn and grow. 

“At Percival, they encourage education and learning new skills, so you feel like you're constantly moving forward, developing your career, but also just developing yourself.”

Karl Lundy, Percival Product Manager

What Makes Percival a Great Place to Work?

We asked our employees, and here's what they said:

• Challenging, rewarding work with the opportunity to learn new skills

• Competitive salary and good benefits

• High value placed on safety

• Emphasis on teamwork and collaboration

• Chance to learn from passionate, experienced, knowledgeable people

• Understanding, family-friendly work environment

• Friendly, caring people

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