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Customized Controlled Environments for Indoor Farming at a Price That Leaves More Room for Profit

“When we founded AgBiome, I looked around, but in terms of value, price point and availability, Percival simply could not be beat.”

Philip Hammer, Research Director

We Don't Sacrifice Performance

Percival chambers and grow rooms are known for highly accurate, long-lasting, reliable performance.

“We desired chambers that could achieve our high standards to control temperature, reduce energy costs and leave no environmental impact . . . Percival Scientific delivered on all our requirements and then some.”

Todd Pfeiffer, Weill Hall Facilities Director at Cornell University

8 Colors for Full-Spectrum R&D  

With up to eight programmable LED colors, our SciBrite® plant growth chambers are the one sure way to determine the exact spectrum and growth parameters your crops need before you waste time and expense trying to produce the right results. Colors can be isolated or combined to create nearly any spectrum, and each color is independently dimmable in one-percent increments for precise results in your R&D stage.

We can also customize your chambers with features to test specific growing conditions for your crop varieties:

• Humidity
• Airflow
• CO2
• Daylight cycles
• Light intensity

With our IntellusUltra control system, you’ll be able to fine-tune your research until you arrive at the perfect recipe for healthy, productive crops. This eliminates guesswork when it’s time to scale up for production.

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Henry Imberti, Senior VP of Engineering, Percival Scientific (left) and Neil Yorio, VP of Plant Science, Maui Greens (right)


The deciding factor for choosing Percival for our R&D program was their chambers had a multi-channel LED array that allows us to create spectral treatments we want to investigate. They had a flexible, programmable LED system that could meet our research goals right out of the gate.”

Neil Yorio, Vice President of Plant Science for Maui Greens

Our Answers to the Challenges of Indoor Farming

Initial Investment

The decision about which manufacturer to partner with for your operation can make the difference between a sustainable future and one that’s not. Too many start-ups invest in overpriced chambers and grow rooms. We custom build high-quality, high-performance chambers that give the most value for your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do Percival’s SciBrite and SciWhite dimmable LEDs run on low energy and provide precise control of light intensity, but their low heat emission prevents interference with temperature or humidity control. This helps the entire controlled environment system use less energy.

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Crop Quality


Investment doesn’t pay off if your products don’t win over consumers. Our control system technology and wide array of LED color spectrums give you advanced control of growth conditions to bring out the best characteristics in your crops.

AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB
AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB

From Benchtops to Grow Rooms

We customize our controlled environment solutions to fit your unique space, no matter the size. From small benchtop models to large configurations of multiple grow rooms, Percival offers a large variety of products to match the needs of your farming operation.

Find out how Percival can help turn your indoor farming vision into a long-term success.

We’ll help you create a customized solution focused on profitability and sustainability.

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