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Customized Climate Chambers for Marine Biology Research

I was really happy ... and appreciated how Percival worked with me to customize the chambers for our lab.

Dr. Tingting Xiang, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Services, University of North Caroline at Charlotte

Choose Lighting to Replicate Any Aquatic Environment 

Customize your chambers with marine-specific lighting of virtually any wavelength, including actinic blue and ultraviolet.

Need a chamber with tiers of both white and colored LEDs? We'll design it to your specifications. Our dimmable SciWhite and SciBrite LEDs give you superior control over light intensity. And with four-or eight-color configuration, SciBrite lighting lets you choose from the broadest spectrum of wavelengths available in scientific chambers.

Read how the Xiang Research Group uses Percival chambers with customized lighting to adjust the metabolism of dinoflagallate algae using specific wavelengths.

Select a Size That's Just Right for Your Space

Whether you have lots of space or just a little, we have a chamber to fit right in. Percival chambers range from benchtops to grow rooms. Many also come with options such as stainless steel interior, coated shelving, tinted barriers and customized temperature range.

They're designed so that every bit of shelf space is usable with evenly distributed lighting.”

Shumpei Maruyama, PhD Candidate, Dept of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University


Our Answers for the Unique Requirements of Marine Biology

Algae Chambers

We designed these chambers with the high-intensity light required for algae to flourish. The tiers of shelving are individually lighted with our dimmable SciWhite LEDs and ideal for flasks. They can also be customized with SciBrite LEDs for specific wavelength studies.

Low Temperature Chambers

These chambers use a dual-coil system to consistently maintain low temperatures under high-intensity SciWhite or optional SciBrite lighting. They are frequently used for research with cold water and ocean algae.

Unparalleled Lighting

Our proprietary SciWhite and SciBrite LEDs provide consistent lighting uniformity at levels never seen before. Tiers of our LED lighting are individually dimmable in one-percent increments so you can conduct different experiments on each shelf.

AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB
AR-95L2 SciBrite 040121 3748 HiRes_RGB_COB

Long-Lasting, Reliable Performance

"I knew there were a lot of chamber companies out there, but I didn't want to waste my time looking. You don't want to have any problems when all your research is relying on the stability and capacity of your chambers. " - Dr. Tingting Xiang, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Find out how Percival can customize chambers to match the unique specifications of your marine biology or aquatic environment research.

We’ll help you create a customized solution focused on profitability and sustainability.

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