8 Questions to Simplify the Research Chamber RFQ Process

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At Percival we respond to hundreds of requests and proposals for chambers representing many industries and every size of lab.  Because we manufacture so many chambers to meet specific research needs, it is important for us to know as many details as possible.  With that, we have developed these 8 questions to help streamline the process.

1. What is your research application? What are you looking to do and/or achieve?
The more we know about your research the better we can advise you on the models, options, and pricing that will help you reach your research goals.  What are you working with? Plants, insects, human cells, etc.?  What is the final application of your research?  What are you hoping to learn through your research?

2. What size of chamber do you need?
Percival offers a range of sizes to meet the various needs of our customers. How much lab space can you devote to a new chamber?  Does the scale of your research require a large chamber; one in-which you can walk in to?  Or will a smaller, reach-in chamber suffice?

3. What temperature range does your research require?
Your temperature requirements also dictate cooling requirements.  Will you cool with pressurized air or chilled water? Lighting inside the chamber can impact the temperature, so knowing the temperature range will help us guide you through what types of lighting will work best for your chamber.

4. What are the relative humidity (RH) requirements of your research application?
Humidity control is a function that can determine many needs beyond the chamber itself. If you need to replicate high humidity levels or levels that change often, then you may need access to a drain or a water supply to meet those needs.

5. What are your light intensity requirements?
Plants need light to grow. Most insects respond to light cycles.  Knowing the intensity level, type and frequency of lighting helps Percival recommend not only the best chamber, but also the optimal electrical requirements, part replacement schedules, and temperature impacts.

6. What are your chamber height requirements?
If you are doing plant-based research, knowing the ultimate plant height allow us to build a chamber that is sized correctly and provides the optimal amount of light intensity for that level of growth.

7. How many shelves/tiers do you require?
Like all of our questions, this is useful for helping us pin down an appropriately sized chamber for your needs.

8. What is your budget?
Your research needs are going to dictate the cost of a chamber more than anything else.  However, we do want to meet as many of those needs as we can within your budget guidelines.
We hope these questions will serve as a guide to organize your needs and lessen the time spent on a chamber RFQ. We understand that you may not have all the answers right away; building a quote is a process.

How to submit a quote request with Percival-Scientific
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