IntellusUltra Daily Light Integral (DLI)

The IntellusUltra Daily Light Integral (DLI) programming option allows for the simple diurnal programming of Percival Scientific’s chambers with the benefits of plant specific light programming. Simply reference the plant growth table to retrieve the plant being researched and program the photosynthetic photon flux (light quantity) and daily light integral values into the IntellusUltra DLI program. Once the program is run, the IntellusUltra controller will do the rest.

The IntellusUltra DLI option consists of a light sensor and IntellusUltra Controller. The controller is provided with an additional DLI programming mode when the DLI option is ordered. DLI programs run daily with the lights turning on at a programmable time. The lights will turn off when the programmed daily light integral is met or at a programmable time. A DLI program also consists of programmable day and night temperature and optional humidity set points.

IntellusUltra DLI Specifications
Plant Growth Tables  
DLI Spec Sheet