More choices.  More control. More data.  All available in the power of your hand!

Percival Scientific has built a legacy of providing the life science market with the industry’s best control system platforms.  Through the years we’ve listened, tested and refined to now introduce the most advanced controller yet – the IntellusUltra!

The IntellusUltra delivers four choices of control systems letting you choose the options of what data to collect and how it is collected. Choose the one that fits your research needs and budget.

IntellusUltra C8  (standard)
IntellusUltraConnect C9  (remote connectivity)
IntellusUltra C8T  (Android-based technology)
IntellusUltraConnect C9T  (Android-based technology)

  IntellusUltra C8 and IntellusUltra C8T  
  IntellusUltraConnect C9 and IntellusUltraConnect C9T 


IntellsUltra C8 (Standard)
The IntellusUltra C8 is the basic model and is standard on all Percival chambers. The number of output channels used for control of lighting events, logic events, convenience outlets, etc. has been increased to twenty-three channels. On-board diagnostics, ambient temperature monitoring, and power failure event logging have been added to improve troubleshooting abilities. The added security of an independent temperature alarm has now been integrated into the new controller design.

• The number of output channels used for control of lighting events, convenience outlets, and other variables, has been increased to twenty-three channels.
• Improve troubleshooting with on-board diagnostics
• Dual experiment protection with primary limit and independent secondary limit
• Backwards compatible with all existing Intellus systems

IntellusUltraConnect C9
The IntellusUltraConnect C9 includes all of the features from the standard IntellusUltra C8 as well as on board data logging, and the ability to connect to the controller in a variety of different ways. The C9 adds remote connectivity and monitoring with e-mail notifications. An on-board USB connection allows for real time data logging with up to four gigabytes of data storage. Simply use a portable USB stick to download your data to analyze on any other capable device. An on-board Ethernet connection allows direct monitoring and analysis of chamber conditions. Available remote monitoring software has been optimized to interface with the major web browsers. If that isn’t enough, upgrade to our cloud-based service securely and confidently monitor and backup your research data.

• All IntellusUltra C8 standard Intellus features
• Remote connectivity for chamber control and monitoring email notifications (requires internet connection)
• Ethernet
• Built-in web server is optimized to interface with major web browsers
• LAN/WAN/Bluetooth ready
• On-board data logging exportable to USB drive
• Modbus Connection for monitoring via Building Management Systems
• Cloud-based data logging (coming soon)

Android based touchscreen tablet now available with IntellusUltra controllers.

IntellusUltra C8T and IntellusUltraConnect C9T
An Android-based touchscreen can be added to both the IntellusUltra C8 and the more powerful  IntellusUltraConnect C9 controllers. This graphical user interface allows you to intuitively interact with your chamber (in a similar manner as many smartphones and personal tablets). Access real time graphing to visually confirm your experiment is operating correctly. The tablet provides additional data logging storage utilizing the available memory, while being easily exportable. Lastly, the touchscreen provides a control redundancy as the standard controller and keypad are housed directly behind it.

• High definition touch screen interface
• Graphical display of recent chamber performance (last 6 hours)
• Android based app allows for user friendly programming interface
• Highly visible alarm display

The flexible control of testing, data collection and storage you’ve always wanted is here now with the IntellusUltra. For complete product details, view our product brochure, call us at 1-800-695-2743 or complete the information request form found on this page.

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